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Witch's Cottage


Alone in the woods stands an old cottage with a strong magical presence.

Map 1: Coven Woods

Appearing from a thicket of the trees, an old cottage with a sloped tile roof that reaches high into the sky reveals itself.

Lampposts signal the front of the home, which is surrounded by an iron fence that has weathered and aged over time.

The wooden door that leads inside is slightly cracked ajar.


Map 2: Spellcraft Workshop


The vibrant scent of fresh herbs and rancid concoctions fill the air inside the old cottage.

A large cauldron is filled with a bubbling green piquid while various books and potion bottles are lined up on shelves nearby.

Creaky stairs reach up to a closed wooden door on the second floor that leads further into the mysterious humble abode.

Map 3: Tree of the Occult

Reaching high towards the glass ceiling and dominating the room with its mere presence is a magnificent oak tree, completely leafless and surrounded by permanently lit candles.

The Tree of the Occult contains exceptional energy, harnessed by witches for coven rituals and sacrifices of ghostly souls.

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