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Ocean Isle Voyage


There are legends of a secret island that hides a portal to another world

Map 1: Blue Bay Harbor

Lush green grass meets with the edge of a wooden pier that spans over the calm waters of Blue Bay Harbor.


Ships adorned with great sails and rowboats with modest oars float next to the creaky docks as the sound of the ocean's waves bump up against the sides of the vessels.

This harbor has been known to be the origin of several great voyages out to sea.


Map 2: Sunken Sea


Enormous rocks protrude from the shimmering surface of the sea, causing this expanse of the ocean to be very dangerous to navigate through safely. 

A large ship has wrecked upon the treacherous rocks, splitting its hull in half with its contents floating away with the strong currents of the legendary Sunken Sea.

Map 3: Veiled Gate Isle

Barely a speck on the horizon, a small island emerges in the middle of the ocean.

Fine-grained sand, lush green shrubs, and wavy palm trees grow wildly on this tiny bit of land, however, a mysterious arched gate made of stone and gold stands on the western shore.

In the bright light of the moon, the arched passage uncovers a portal to another world.

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