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Rime Wind Wilderness


Blistering blizzards and chilling snowstorms frequent these snowly lands

Map 1: Arctic River Crossing

Fresh snow patches blanket sections of the frozen river's surface.


The slick ice of the river crossing has fatally cracked everywhere, creating a dangerous place for adventurers to traverse.

Be cautious not to fall through the ice, the frigid temperatures of the wilderness are cruel and unforgiving. 


Map 2: Fissure to
the Abyss


Splitting the solid rock beneath the snowy surface, the earth has ruptured a fissure that seems to drop to complete darkenss.

At night, an immensely bright light shines from the depths of the mysterious gash.

Rumors say it's the entrance to the underworld, the terrifying and ruthless abyss. What in the nine hells could be down there?

Map 3: Glacial Gateway

In the vast and barren lands of the wilderness, a glacier wall stands high above the towering trees and heaps of snow.

A mysterious door formed of ice crystals is embedded into the side of the glacial wall as a snow-covered bridge crossing leads to the gateway.

What mysteries could be hidden inside this massive glacier?

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