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Spooky Spots


As you travel the lands, you may find a few spooky spots every now and then

Map 1: Arcane Cairn

Standing alone among the autumn trees of the forest stands a cairn of grey ancient stones.

The pile of stones is surrounded by four stone tablets that are engraved with arcane runes from a time that has long passed.

When night falls upon this cairn, the runes of Arcane Cairn glow with bright intensity, emitting magical energy into the realm.


Map 2: Ghastly Graveyard


Built centuries ago by the wisest ancient beings of the lands, the Ghastly Graveyard is home to the most honorable souls in all the lands.

Surrounded by stone walls and spiked iron fences, a grand mausoleum stands tall at the end of the cemetery. Stairs ascend to the large locked doors that lead into the unexplored resting place.

Map 3: Jacko's Camp

Down by the creek and across the arched bridge, you will discover a pitched canvas tent net to an old wooden cart.

This semi-permanent campsite is home to Jacko, a wiley adventurer who has an extraordinary passion for pumpkins.

This harvest season is looking to be Jacko's best yet, as one pumpkin seems to have mysteriously grown significantly larger than the rest.

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