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Pinepeak Mountains


Among the highest points of the realms that expands for miles

Map 1: Lookout Pass

Visible from a great distance, several tall towers reach high into the sky, protruding from the craggy terrain of the expansive mountain range.

The narrow trail passes directly beside an enormous stone watchtower, as its signal torch burns through the day and night.

Who are the mysterious guardians who watch over this trail known as Lookout Pass?


Map 2: Tetrad Gateway


Four towers crafted of stone and wood disrupt the pathway leading into the depths of the mountainous valleys. 

A rusted metal gate remains open for travelers to enter the singular known route through the treacherous peaks.

The road through the gateway is often traveled by curious adventurers, savvy merchants, and conniving bandits.

Map 3: Valley Lodge

Hidden deep within the Pinepeak Mountains, a tiny lodge is nestled between a shimmering stream and plenty of lush green trees.

A campfire warms the grounds with fresh-cut wood from the forest as a set of rowboats are ready to depart on an excursion down the river.

Who's the secluded individual who lives in this little lodge in the valley?

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