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Castle of the Realms


Evade the royal guards and slay the mad ruler!

Map 1: Great Hall

Sneaking through the western door, you find yourself atop the descending stairs, where a bright passage forward lies ahead.

Ignite your arrows on fire, tackle royal guards through the stained glass windows, and make your way past the enemies.

How will you make your way through to the next corridor?

Castle of the Realms: Great Hall

Map 2: Bridge Crossing

Castle of the Realms: Bridge Crossing

Upon entering, a loud growl echoes from the glowing pit beneath the bridge. 


Toss enemies off the edge and safely cross the hanging-chain bridge.

Fall down yourself and find yourself face to face with a vicious beast. 

What's down there? Rumors say evil monsters lurk. But nobody knows for sure.

Map 3: Throne Room

A red carpet lures you up a flight of ascending stairs. Atop the risen platform sits a dark onyx stone-carved throne.

Fling enemies down the stairs as they tumble away from you. Gain the higher ground and rain fury upon your rivals. 

Are you here to over throw the monarchy? To avenge the old ruler's death? Or to take the throne for yourself? 

Castle of the Realms: Throne Room


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