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Ocean Isle Voyage


Combat encounter maps made for your campaign

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Pinepeak Mountains

3-map pack

Among the highest points of the realms stands the Pinepeak Mountains, an expansive and lush terrain that expands for miles.

One known safe route exists, traveling along the Lookout Pass and through the Tetrad Gateway.

Who knows what other places you may find along the way. The Pinepeak Mountains is a treacherous road, only fitting for the strongest and bravest of adventurers.


Shrines and Monoliths

3-map pack

Unknown to most travelers of the realms, there are several mystical shrines and stunning monoliths that occupy far-off regions of the world.

They typically stay untouched by the travelers of the lands, especially since reaching such places would be a massive undertaking.

Brave explorers can reach these mysterious places; however, many more adventures will pay the ultimate price with their life.


Rime Wind Wilderness

3-map pack

Blistering blizzards and chilling snowstorms are everyday occurrences while traveling through the Rime Wind Wilderness.

Only the strongest of adventurers can bear the intense coldness that the snowly lands produce.

Civilization is sparse this far up north, so be extremely careful. Wild winter beasts of all kinds roam these expansive lands looking for a warm meal to viciously devour.


Spooky Spots

3-map pack

As brave adventurers travel beyond the vast lands, they are bound to discover a few places that are not so welcoming.

Some would even call them Spooky Spots.

These places are set all throughout the realms, areas that may challenge adventurer's skills, introduce a spooky creature, or possibly lead them to discover entirely new places to explore.


Ocean Isle Voyage

3-map pack

Legends of a secret island that conceals a portal to another world have been whispered throughout the realms for generations, but never discovered.

Set sail from the harbor, traverse your way across the sea and explore the horizon until you find the isle that is only spoken about in tales of the past.

If you're fortunate enough to locate the secluded island, where will its mysterious portal take you?


Witch's Cottage

3-map pack

Alone in the woods stands an old cottage, surrounded by weeping willows and leafless trees that hide the quaint hut from the rest of the forest.

A strong magical presence pulses from within the house, an energy that is regularly practiced by the wicked witches of the realms.

Hidden deep inside the cottage is the source of the magical force, a mighty tree surrounded by the light of the cursed coven.


Bridge Crossings

3-map pack

When adventurers leave a big city or a humble town, they will more than likely be traveling to their next destination.

Whether that be by foot, wagon, or steed, the wilderness is a dangerous place to be for any traveler, no matter how powerful they are. 

These locations are set all throughout the realms, areas that may challenge adventurer's skills or lead them to discover entirely new places to explore.


Cursed Rock Citadel

3-map pack

Secluded far from the outside world, Cursed Rock Citadel stands alone atop a protruding cliff within the darkest lagoon in all the realms.

Rumors say it is a place full of cursed and blood-thirsty undead who feast upon the flesh of those who enter uninvited.

The vast halls and unnerving crypts of the eerie fortress seem to lure curious adventurers through its enormous and intriguing doors.


Nether Vale

3-map pack

The furthest outstretches of the Nether Vale smell only of death and decay.

Burning magma and viscous acid burst from beneath the surface, scorching a path of destruction in every direction, seeping its sinister energy into every rift of the land.

The endless barren, rugged terrain of the underworld is a physical and mental trial for all who dare to pass through the Nether Vale.


Venom Valley

3-map pack

These dry and unforgiving canyons are infested with monstrosities that have claimed the surrounding area.

Bright green eggs and sticky webs are scattered throughout the land, dominating most of the smooth rocky area.

These dangerous hazards make the journey through these canyons a perilous one, rightfully earning its name, Venom Valley.


Ravage Skull Keep

3-map pack

Standing along in the expanses of the wildlands, a castle keep has been overrun and transformed into a battle compound.


Tree trunks have been shaved to spikes and affixed to the outer walls to form a protective boundary.

A meager campsite resides within the shadows of the walls which leads towards the heavily-guarded throne of the keep.


Lost Jungle

3-map pack

Beyond the furthest reaches of the densest jungle, a hidden temple adorned with torches unveils itself.


Ascending the stone stairs, the passage into the ancient dwelling only reveals darkness, but beckons adventurers nonetheless.


Open-air rooms and tunnels lead through an enclosed garden meadow and into the innermost chamber of the temple, where a spirit dwells from long ago.


Crystal Caverns

3-map pack

Deep beneath the recesses of the surface lands, an underground series of chambers produce a substantial amount of gleaming, glasslike crystals.


The rocky ground is teeming with shards of extraordinary gems which glimmer and glow in the otherwise cold and dark subterranean depths.


Immense power and tremendous wealth can be obtained within the Crystal Caverns, if one can make it out alive.


Fortress Haleheart

3-map pack

Fortress Haleheart is the only castle-keep for miles in every direction, isolated from civilization and surrounded by the unpredictable threats of the wild.


It is a safe haven for travelers from all walks of life, providing a hearty meal and a soft bed for a long night’s rest, seemingly protected from the dangers of the wilderness.


A modest crew of misfits and vagabonds command the small but mighty fortress, each sworn to protect the stronghold from the threats beyond the walls.


Divine Lands

3-map pack

All across the realms, there are places that hold great energy and power, where travelers form every direction trek towards to experience the wonderment for themselves.


These alluring special spots are better known as the Divine Lands. Some of these places are full of mythical vitality, while other once held great potential ages ago.


Will your travels be blessed by the divine, or cursed by the fallen?


Harvest Meadow

3-map pack

The old windmill has been the homestead of Harvest Meadow, where veggies and crops grow aplenty.


Hidden deep within the cellar of the mill is a stone archway encompassing a fountain shrine, which produces an endless stream of viscous, warm blood that plunges into a crimson pool below.


Is something evil being summoned to dominate this plane of existence? 


Hellfire Crags

3-map pack

Scorched lands and blazing lava pools dominate the barren landscape as far as the eye can see.


Tread over collapsed bridges and watch your every step as you pass the Edge of Chaos, the entrance to the land of fire and peril. Pass through the Abyssal Grasp and arrive at the entrance of Doom’s Gate.


What lies beyond the unnerving passage? 


Mount Montolio

3-map pack

Old stone torches light the pathway up to the top of the ancient Mount Montolio.

Ascend to the top and be sure to avoid any threats hidden among the enormous canyon walls. Find the Lost Well and descend down it to discover new hidden places. 

Get to the top and find what's hiding. Where will the Lost Well take you next?


Upland Rivers

3-map pack

There are rivers aplenty that weave all throughout the grassy plains of the warm-weathered Uplands. 

Traverse across rickety wooden bridges and wade across shallow rushing waters as you continue your adventure towards your next destination. 

Be safe traveler. And when in doubt just follow the current of the river!

1 vs 1 Battle Arenas

3-map pack

A set of compact battle arenas designed for one-on-one fights. 

Solo combat can be one of the toughest tests of an adventurer's story, seeking victory entirely on their own. 

Who will be brave enough to be the next challenger to enter these arenas?

Castle of the Realms

3-map pack

A collection of locations throughout a castle interior that lead to the throne. 


Traverse the great halls and avoid the monsters beneath the underground crossing. Throw enemy guards through the stained glass windows and fight your way up the stairs to the throne to slay the mad ruler!

Deep Dark Caves

3-map pack

A set of caverns made for a rescue mission to save the people of a nearby village. 

Sneak along the walls or wade swiftly through the lifeless lake water. Ease across the rickety bridge and past the mysterious ooze to discover the deepest cavern, where the grim sight of a locked cage holds the individuals you came to rescue.


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