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Shrines and Monoliths


Unknown to most, mysterious places occupy far-off regions of the world.

Map 1: Stone Creek Portal

Reaching up into the sky, nearing the height of the lifeless trees surrounding it, is a stone passageway that interrupts the creek's water flow.

A shimmering golden veil exists between the two halves of the enormous portal that leads to an unknown destination.

What will you discover on the other side of the Stone Creek Portal?


Map 2: Temple of Blades


Ancient blades from generations ago protrude from the aged grey stone in the heart of the temple.

Each blade shines with a natural aura, holding an extraordinary power that its chosen wielder can only remove.


Are you the one true hero whose destiny is to harness a blade from the long-lost temple?

Map 3: Watcher's Orb

A series of metallic floor panels reach far from the mountainside cave, creating an extended walkway over the rocky floor below.

A mysterious orb hovers at the end of the platform, appearing spectacularly metallic during the day and radiating with an intense illumination during the long nights.

Be careful though, the Watcher's Orb hears, sees, and know everything.

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