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Fortress Haleheart


A safe haven for travelers from all walks of life!

Map 1: Ashlar Gate

Sturdy stone walls that rise upwards nearly 40 feet serve as the fortress’ main defense against the outside dangers.


Ashlar Gate is the sole point of entry and exit within the entire stronghold, thus it is heavily guarded by the lookout crew, combining their efforts to always keep watch - day and night.


Map 2: Kindred Yard


Central to Fortress Haleheart is the Kindred Yard, the crossroads of all who reside within the keep.


Travelers from every stretch of land roam the area, some sharing joyous stories with one another, and others merely resting near a quiet corner as they take in the sounds of the lively fortress.


Some rest can be nice every once in a while for an adventurer who lives a hard life on the road.

Map 3: Parley Hall

Oversized wooden doors lead into a spacious room utilized for large gatherings - a mess hall throughout the day, a blessed temple every so often, an abode to remain warm in the brisk nights.


The aspiration of Parley Hall is to provide a space to those who are in need, however the true function of the structure is a final line of defense against any who may choose to infiltrate Fortress Haleheart.



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