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This is a pack of Animated Maps. This pack has an alternate versionstatic versions, and several perspective views of the battle map.


The old windmill has been the homestead of Harvest Meadow, where veggies and crops grow aplenty. Unknown to many, hidden deep within the cellar of the mill is a stone archway encompassing a fountain shrine, which produces an endless stream of viscous, warm blood that plunges into a crimson pool below. This mill was once thought to be a place of peace, but something evil has taken over and is being summoned to dominate this plane of existence.


Large pumpkins and lush crops grow wildly beside an old windmill that towers high into the sky. Lanterns scattered throughout the meadow dimly light up the field and lead you towards the front door of the haven. Multi-colored hues glow from the windows and door of the old mill. Who - or what - could be inside?


Items included:


  • 2 Animated Maps 1080p (Day & Night versions of this location)

  • 2 Static Maps 4K (Day & Night versions of this location)

  • Grid / No Grid Options for Static Maps

  • 2 Feature Images (eye-level view)

  • 2 Feature Images per Alternate Map (eye-level view)

Animated Map: Upland Field

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