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This is a pack of Animated Maps. This pack has an alternate versionstatic versions, and several perspective views of the battle map.


Scorched lands and blazing lava pools dominate the barren landscape as far as the eye can see. Tread over collapsed bridges and watch your every step as you pass the Edge of Chaos, the entrance to the land of fire and peril. Pass through the Abyssal Grasp and arrive at the entrance of Doom’s Gate. What lies beyond the unnerving passage?


Before you, a bridge has collapsed into the extreme heat of the bubbling lava river. Beyond the wreckage lies an enormous humanoid skull and rib cage rising up from the dry earth. Safely make your way across and stay alert to avoid any nearby creatures that covertly prowl deep in the smoldering lava.


Items included:


  • 2 Animated Maps 1080p (Day & Night versions of this location)

  • 2 Static Maps 4K (Day & Night versions of this location)

  • Grid / No Grid Options for Static Maps

  • 3 Feature Images (eye-level view)

  • 3 Feature Images per Alternate Map (eye-level view)

Animated Map: Edge of Chaos

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