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This is a Map Pack of 3 maps, all surrounding a common theme. They have been designed to flow into one another to create a series of encounters as you explore the meandering trails of the mountain. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.


Old stone torches light the pathway up to the top of the ancient Mount Montolio. Ascend to the top and be sure to avoid any threats hidden among the enormous canyon walls. Find the Lost Well and descend down it to discover new hidden places. Get to the top and find what's hiding. Where will the Lost Well take you next?


Map 1: Forager’s Canyon
Torches light the path of the towering canyon towards an ever-aging stone arch. Lush trees and cracked rocks are scattered among the grass. This route leads further up Mount Montolio, a treacherous journey, even for the strongest of adventurers.


Map 2: Green Ravine
A four-way intersection presents several routes. Which way is the quickest? Or the safest? Beware of bandits perched atop the cliff sides! Ambushes from all directions are very common on Mount Montolio, surrounding weary travelers on every side.


Map 3: Lost Well
A narrow walkway leads to a small plateau, where ruins surround an old well emitting a glowing orange hue. Where does the well go? Make it a map or dungeon of your own! Or hey, maybe it's the dark entrance to the Deep Dark Caves.


Items included in this Map Pack:


  • 3 Unique Maps
    Forager’s Canyon - Night
    Green Ravine - Night
    Lost Well - Night


  • 3 Alternate Maps (time of day/features)
    Forager’s Canyon - Day
    Green Ravine - Day
    Lost Well - Day


  • Grid / No Grid Options (12 maps total)


  • 1 - 2 Feature Images per map (eye-level view)
    Forager’s Canyon - Night (1 Feature Image)
    Green Ravine - Night (2 Feature Images)
    Lost Well - Night (2 Feature Images)


  • 1 - 2 Feature Images per Alternate map (eye-level view)
    Forager’s Canyon - Day (1 Feature Image)
    Green Ravine - Day (2 Feature Images)
    Lost Well - Day (2 Feature Images)


  • 4K Maps / 1080P Perspective Images

3-Map Pack: Mount Montolio

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