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This is a Map Pack of 3 maps, all surrounding a common theme. They have been designed to flow into one another to create a series of encounters as you travel through the smoldering lands. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.


Scorched lands and blazing lava pools dominate the barren landscape as far as the eye can see. Tread over collapsed bridges and watch your every step as you pass the Edge of Chaos, the entrance to the land of fire and peril. Pass through the Abyssal Grasp and arrive at the entrance of Doom’s Gate. What lies beyond the unnerving passage?


Map 1: Edge of Chaos
Before you, a bridge has collapsed into the extreme heat of the bubbling lava river. Beyond the wreckage lies an enormous humanoid skull and rib cage rising up from the dry earth. Safely make your way across and stay alert to avoid any nearby creatures that covertly prowl deep in the smoldering lava.


Map 2: Abyssal Grasp
A lonesome island emerges from the widest river of lava in the fiery expanse. Two stone and iron bridges span across the violent magma flow to connect to the small atoll. Rising from the lava, a gigantic skeletal hand encompasses around the safe haven of land, threatening you with its deathly grasp of every breath you take.


Map 3: Doom’s Gate
A menacing demonic skull with twisted horns seems to peer directly into your soul as you venture towards an elusive iron-clad gate. Swarms of monsters guard this hellish domain by any means necessary, offering their lives to propel their maniacal calamity.


Items included in this Map Pack:


  • 3 Unique Maps
    Edge of Chaos - Night
    Abyssal Grasp - Night
    Doom’s Gate - Night


  • 3 Alternate Maps (time of day/features)
    Edge of Chaos - Day
    Abyssal Grasp - Day
    Doom’s Gate - Day


  • Grid / No Grid Options (12 maps total)


  • 2 - 3 Feature Images per map (eye-level view)
    Edge of Chaos - Night (3 Feature Images)
    Abyssal Grasp - Night (2 Feature Images)
    Doom’s Gate - Night (2 Feature Images)


  • 2 - 3 Feature Images per Alternate map (eye-level view)
    Edge of Chaos - Day (3 Feature Images)
    Abyssal Grasp - Day (2 Feature Images)
    Doom’s Gate - Day (2 Feature Images)


  • 4K Maps / 1080P Perspective Images

3-Map Pack: Hellfire Crags

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