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This is a Map Pack of 3 maps, all surrounding a common theme. They have been designed to flow into one another to create a series of encounters as you explore the depths of the caverns. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.


Deep beneath the recesses of the surface lands, an underground series of chambers produce a substantial amount of gleaming, glass-like crystals. The rocky ground is teeming with shards of extraordinary gems which glimmer and glow in the otherwise cold and dark subterranean depths. Immense power and tremendous wealth can be obtained within the Crystal Caverns if one can make it out alive.


Map 1: Stonegleam Stream
Ruby red gems and dim blue crystals illuminate the rough and jagged walls that climb towards the enclosed ceiling high above. Slowly trickling through the center of the rock-bound ground is a gentle stream that meanders into a broad cave opening, seemingly leading deeper into the depths of the caverns.


Map 2: Gemstone Rift
Multi-colored gems speckle the high-reaching stalagmites which protrude from the rugged landscape. A rickety old bridge spans across a deep rift that bisects the cavern, descending down nearly 30 feet leading to an abundance of blue crystals. Far across the space is a rugged stone set of stairs that lead further into the unknown.


Map 3: Temple Glassglint
Ascending the stone-slab stairs, a ring of enormous gems dominate the space as they surround a lone crimson crystal that blooms with a bright brilliance of light. Gems and crystals are illuminated all around, radiating a celestial sensibility to all who enter this vast cavern.


Items included in this Map Pack:


  • 3 Unique Maps
    Stonegleam Stream - Gems
    Gemstone Rift - Gems
    Temple Glassglint - Gems


  • 3 Alternate Maps (time of day/features)
    Stonegleam Stream - Torches
    Gemstone Rift - Torches
    Temple Glassglint - Torches


  • Grid / No Grid Options (12 maps total)


  • 2 - 3 Feature Images per map (eye-level view)
    Stonegleam Stream - Gems (3 Feature Images)
    Gemstone Rift - Gems (2 Feature Images)
    Temple Glassglint - Gems (3 Feature Images)


  • 2 - 3 Feature Images per Alternate map (eye-level view)
    Stonegleam Stream - Torches (3 Feature Images)
    Gemstone Rift - Torches (2 Feature Images)
    Temple Glassglint - Torches (3 Feature Images)


  • 4K Maps / 1080P Perspective Images

3-Map Pack: Crystal Caverns

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