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This is a Map Pack of 3 maps, all surrounding a common theme. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.


A set of compact battle arenas designed for one-on-one fights. Solo combat can be one of the toughest tests of an adventurer's story, seeking victory entirely on their own. Who will be brave enough to be the next challenger to enter these arenas?


Map 1: Guild Hall
Patrons from all stretches of the lands occupy this secret fighting pit. Money and trinkets are being gambled away, looking to a bloody fight to settle all the bets. Lamps hung from high above give light to the combat within the dirt-covered arena. Two challengers enter, but only one can come out the champion.


Map 2: Death Pit
Deep within a mountain, you ascend up a flight of endless stairs until you reach a hexagon-shaped stone battle platform. Looking over the edge, the drop-down appears hundreds of feet below. A fall from this height would be nearly impossible to survive.


Map 3: Warrior Valley
You've been captured by a tribe of vicious orcs. The only way to escape is to challenge their mighty leader to a one-on-one battle. Prove your worth among the most brutal of warriors. Fight for your life, or die trying.


Items included in this Map Pack:


  • 3 Unique Maps
    Guild Hall - Night
    Death Pit - Cool
    Warrior Valley - Night


  • 3 Alternate Maps (time of day/features)
    Guild Hall - Day
    Death Pit - Warm
    Warrior Valley - Day


  • Grid / No Grid Options (12 maps total)


  • 1 Feature Image per map (eye-level view)
    Guild Hall - Night (1 Feature Image)
    Death Pit - Cool (1 Feature Image)
    Warrior Valley - Night (1 Feature Image)


  • 1 Feature Image per Alternate map (eye-level view)
    Guild Hall - Day (1 Feature Image)
    Death Pit - Warm (1 Feature Image)
    Warrior Valley - Day (1 Feature Image)


  • 4K Maps / 1080P Perspective Images

3-Map Pack: 1v1 Battle Arenas

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