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This is a Map Pack of 3 maps, all surrounding a common theme. They have been designed to flow into one another to create a series of encounters as you explore the interior of the citadel. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.


Secluded far from the outside world, Cursed Rock Citadel stands alone atop a protruding cliff within the darkest lagoon in all the realms. Rumors say it is a place full of cursed and blood-thirsty undead who feast upon the flesh of those who enter uninvited. The vast halls and unnerving crypts of the eerie fortress seem to lure curious adventurers through its enormous and intriguing doors.


Map 1: Docks of Exile
The sound of gently crashing waves colliding with the rocky island echo throughout the murky lagoon that encompasses Cursed Rock Citadel. Small rowboats must navigate through the rocky waters to gain access to the old and rotting Docks of Exile, the only entrance to the towering fortress. Cobblestone steps gradually ascend up towards the massive wooden doors, which lead directly inside to the dark castle.


Map 2: Grand Ballroom
Vaulted ceilings adorned with golden chandeliers reach high above the finely-crafted ceramic tile floor that reverberates with each footstep. Ornate candelabras border the walls as two twin staircases wrap upwards, leading to the elevated second level of the ballroom. Arched wooden doors on each level lead deeper into the chambers of the citadel.


Map 3: Spawn’s Crypt
Buried far underground resides the Spawn’s Crypt, a secret lair hidden deep within the citadel. Stairs descend down into the cold subterranean tomb, where several coffins have been laid to rest, some of them with their covers pushed open. A single coffin is situated delicately atop a pedestal near the base of an elaborate shrine, seeming to hold greater importance than the others in the crypt.


Items included in this Map Pack:


  • 3 Unique Maps
    Docks of Exile - Night
    Grand Ballroom - Night
    Spawn’s Crypt - Night


  • 3 Alternate Maps (time of day/features)
    Docks of Exile - Day
    Grand Ballroom - Day
    Spawn’s Crypt - Cursed


  • Grid / No Grid Options (12 maps total)


  • 3 Perspective Images per map (eye-level view)
    Docks of Exile - Night (3 Feature Images)
    Grand Ballroom - Night (3 Feature Images)
    Spawn’s Crypt - Night (3 Feature Images)


  • 3 Perspective Images per Alternate map (eye-level view)
    Docks of Exile - Day (3 Feature Images)
    Grand Ballroom - Day (3 Feature Images)
    Spawn’s Crypt - Cursed (3 Feature Images)


  • 4K Maps / 1080P Perspective Images

3-Map Pack: Cursed Rock Citadel

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